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Pilates is excellent to use as your primary fitness program to promote and maintain life-long good health, or it can be used to complement your other sports and fitness activities as an addition to your weekly wellness program for cross-training. It can help you improve core strength, breathing, posture, balance, body control, strength, flexibility and so much more.

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One-on-one Pilates Training sessions
for customized workouts and personalized attention

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Enroll with your spouse, partner, or best friend in duet class, or join one with 3-8 people of similar skill level

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One-on-one Pilates Training sessions
for customized workouts and personalized attention

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  • Fine-tune your fitness
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Be empowered to live an active and healthy life
  • Improve form & functional movement
  • Increase energy
  • Reduce stress
  • Help eliminate annoying aches and pains
  • And more!

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The “Enlightened Body” Embracing Mindful Movement for Whole-Body Health

We offer both private one-on-one training and group sessions in Wichita, Kansas for our clients to choose from. With more than four decades of practical experience helping clients improve how they feel with better functional movement habits, we enable and encourage our clients to enjoy healthy and active lives.

Run Fit Kit
If you LOVE To Run, (or walk)…Better foot health can help lower your risk of running/walking foot-related injuries, and the Centerworks® Run Fit Kit has all the foot fitness training tools you need to help keep your feet, ankles, arches, and toes healthy.
Aliesa is the go to person for pilates! She is so skilled at being in tune with the body. Bodhi Body Studio is also first rate! She hosted a sound bath session recently that was a must experience!
Kim Taylor
Kim Taylor
Whether it's Zoom Classes during COVID stay-at-home orders or in-person classes, Bodhi Body Pilates is my favorite part of my week! Pilates with Aliesa is always challenging and fun. I learn something new class!
Tonya Bronleewe
Tonya Bronleewe
Great place to learn technique and get personalized feedback, definitely recommend!
Allison R
Allison R
I have practiced many forms of wellness/mind body classes over the years. Bodhi Body Pilates is where I keep coming back to to strengthen and fortify my body. I am also a yoga teacher and find that Pilates gives me more of what my body needs and requires to keep me healthy.
S Royal
S Royal
Highly recommend Aliesa and Bodhi Studio. As a beginner I am benefitting from her expertise in correcting my form, and her abilities to motivate me! Have had to go to “virtual classes” at this point, but I still feel connected to the others in class.
Vicki Hamilton
Vicki Hamilton
Aliesa is absolutely outstanding as a pilates instructor. Her knowledge of the practice and her ability to teach it is remarkable. She listens to her students and is amazing at assessing and tailoring the day's session on the spot to their body's needs. She is excellent at verbalizing how to perform an exercise and because she is laser focused realizes when her students can't quit get their body to perform as she knows it can. She will then break down the exercise in a way where the student can take it in steps and reach their desired goal. Her sense of humor, dedication to the students and knowledge of the practice make the time fly. Aliesa is utterly committed to her students well being. Her studio is very calming, large and well outfitted with everything one could ever need.
karen znamenak
karen znamenak
Aliesa George is a body whisperer. I went to her because one of my friends suggested I try Pilates to help me reduce my back-pain. I set at a desk all day and wasn't sure if I could do it. I didn't even know what it was. She took before and after photos of my posture and even after just 3 sessions, I feel so much better and now I'm a regular. I prefer the 1-on-1 lessons, but enjoy the Pilates group classes too. Aliesa is a wealth of knowledge.
Dirk Neadly
Dirk Neadly

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